Our Studio. Individually Inspired.

Designed to Inspire

With just one step off the bustling city sidewalks, you’ll find an uncommon space that celebrates the treasures of the natural world.  Our award-winning design studio invites you in, sparks your imagination, entices you to create.

Our streamlined artisan workshop puts all the elements of jewelry design at your fingertips, giving you the freedom to step away from the outside world and tap into your creativity. At Silver Pennies you’ll find inspiration and endless possibilities.





Handcrafted Artistry

Define your style with simple accents or bold statements. Silver Pennies studio designs are notable for their hand-selected materials and impeccable craftsmanship.  Add a touch of modern chic to your space with our mineral and petrified wood specimens.

We find nature’s inspiration everywhere, assuring that you’ll find the perfect way to adorn yourself and your surroundings. Composed and crafted by our artisans in Morgantown, WV, expect to find rare, yet sophisticated designs within our finished collections.

Browse our online collection or visit our studio to see what we’ve been dreaming up.

Your ideas, our know-how

By finding out more about you, your style, and interests, we’ll work together to choose the right elements for your jewelry needs.

Whether fun or formal, our knowledge of materials and techniques will bring your inspiration to life.

Our role is to guide you through the experience of designing.  We invite you to come in, stay a while, collaborate with us, and make a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.



Artistic Affairs

Bring some friends, some refreshments, and join us for a get-together that you’ll never forget. Our beautiful High Street studio is the perfect backdrop for an evening of lighthearted creativity.
Our team-building events will highlight new sides of your coworkers, while our friends and family gatherings give you the chance to strengthen bonds while producing personalized mementos.
A team of skillful artisans will be on hand to assist and tailor your event to the skill level and pace of your group.